Sunday, August 12, 2012


Long time without a post.

So I am not entirely sure where I left off, and my kindle is less and less good at the internet lately; I will guess it was getting back to Erie from the detroit river.

After dropping off the last group of students, we enjoyed a bit of time off before heading back to Port Colbourne. Every time we find ourselves there the crew has a good time. This trip was for Canal Days,so the days were filled with deck tours.

I personally really enjoy deck tours; I like talking to strangers.

Getting back to Erie was an uneventful, easy sail. We are now back on the lke with our last group of students. They are high school students from the Cleveland area involved in a Sea Scout program. Most of them seem motivated and excited to be here.

Most of them have also spent the day head down in a bucket.

We anchored out off Presque Isle yesterday afternoon, waiting for the lake to calm down ome; expecting to get underway after supper today. At 0200 hands were called to weigh anchor and get underway.

I have finished another tour as assistant cook and go on deck in the morning.