Thursday, April 1, 2010


Currently underway, but stood down.
Yesterday was amazing and awe inspiring and a little frightening. It showed me exactly what I need to be prepared for.
We set all the sails for the first time yesterday. It showed me how much I need to learn, how much stronger my back needs to be, how much thicker my hands need to get.

But it also reminded me why I'm here in the first place. Going aloft and seeing her shadow as it raced across the water... Feeling the heel of her as we cut through it. The gentle roll of a nice cruise.

It was a long day, for certain, and at the end I was ready to turn into my bunk and get some sleep and recover a bit. It was overwhelming, without question, but also inspiring. I know where I need to get myself. I know what I need to do. Soon we'll be sailing regularly, so I need to get my comfort zone together before that, and then I need to make it muscle memory, so I can do it without thought.

Also, perhaps rope pullups... which reminds me, I need to buy some rope. Perhaps after a paycheck or two. We'll see you soon, Baltimore.

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