Monday, May 3, 2010


So today was Privateer day down in Fells Point. This meant many things. First and foremost there were about a billion pirates running around, which I always find entertaining. I hear they get to be tiresome when you're in this business, but I was still smiling.

We also had our first public sails. The first one was just a plain old daysail which was new for me, and showed me what I have to look forward to; quite a level of intensity. After that we had a battle sail against the HMS Bounty, whom we've been docked next to. We had the boat filled with the aforementioned pirates and had a wacky time. I'll admit, I don't remember a lot of details because we did a lot of fancy stuff with the boat. Most of my time was sprinting around pulling really hard on stuff; kind of a blur.

Good day, but a seriously long day.

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