Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Long day today, but can't say it was a bad one. Two daysails today... one with each captain. It is interestimg to see the different styles in that close a switch.

The air was vey light so a lot of out actions were more just practicing the routine than actually sailing her, but that isn't a terrible thing to do.
Speaking on routines, I have beem on the gun crew for the past week or two, withthe same crew on it. We're getting pretty good. I would really like to see how fast we can run it.

We said a goodbye to the last of our trainees from the college trip a month back. A few of them have clearly cought the bug and I really hope to see them out there. it is really neat to see the passion swell up in someone who had no idea coming in.

And tomorrow we are off for Duluth with a shipfull of high school students. It will certainly be interesting.

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