Saturday, July 9, 2011


So a few das have passed and much has happened on our voyage. We are still mostly confined to motor sailing, though we did get her full dress on while on lake Huron.
Charlie watch ha started to grow tighter as we spend more time with each other. We have stood a full cycle of watches now, from that first dawn watch to the sunset watch and the times between as well. Last night we stood 2300 till 0300 and took our trainees aloft on the dark of night to furl. It is a singular experience riding the T'gallants in the dead of night. I had the privilage of taking someone up there for the first time. The stars were clear and bright,and so many that they couldn't possibly be counted.
We also had our first swim call with this crew and bathed in lake Huron. After much consideration I think it is my favorite. I do not really know how to describe the shade of blue it has, and the clarityis truly amazing. The instructors apparently lowered something into the water and could see it at the twenty three meter mark. It was a refreshing, if chilly swim. one should never discount the positive effects on moral of swim call.
And so now we are pushing up the Saint Mary's river,talking about stopping in Sault Ste. Marie for a bit before passing through the locks and on to Superior. It trulyis beautiful country up here which I hope to explore more thoroughly some day.

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