Friday, May 18, 2012


We arrived near Put-In Bay a few hours after breakfast yesterday and the captaim sailed her onto the hook.Bright sun and a warm easterly breeze for the rest of the da lead to a pleasant lunch on deck. The students went out on the small boats and took a class on celestlial navigation while the majority of the pro crew re tuned the lower main shrouds. Now the hook is being raised and we plan to sail off and in towards PIB to pick up some local friends amd go cruise the battleground. I always wonder at this point what the students are getting from the experience and if it is what we intend. More than anything, I personally hope more than anything that they learn how to be a crew. On a boat or at a minimum wage job or even a high paying office job (I assume) tere is a utility to that mindset; particulrly if you can instill it in people around you as well. Many hands don't always make for light work. The sense of crew can make any job bearable.

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