Sunday, May 20, 2012


Amother day on the water. We plled out of PIB after a quick provisioming run, casting off around 1100 with light air and calm conditions. There has been lss sailing on this leg, and the emgines are getting more exercise; it is the way of things sometimes. My tour in the galley is nearly up and I am excited to get back on deck. I find it hard being around all this excitemnt and staying focused on dishwashing and serving. It is, however, a part of the job. Some of the trainees have expressed frustrations to me. I understand how overwhelming all of this can be; I hope I never forget that. I find it vital to the teaching process. I am also pleased that I can be there for them. sometimes you need to vent and someone needs to be there to listen and to help you through it. I fear that I am becoming an educator.

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