Friday, June 15, 2012


We are back in Erie after a sucessful voyage. A days rest was given to the crew and now a weekend of daysails has started. Today we are running programs with SeaGrant and Gannon University; Short education sails is my understanding. I am not on the sails today, sadly. My arm was hurting enough to warrent a doctors visit and I have been placed on restricted duty to let it rest.Laundry duty fo me. I suppose it isn't much to write about, but laundry day for the ship is alwas an imtersting thing which pushes the nearest laundromat to its limit. We took the majority of the washers, and now in the drying phase have had to leave a few loads waiting. It seems like it would be rude to tie up all the dryers... We are not the only ones here. It is always an odd momnt though, seein the ship sail off without you.

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