Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Under sail in lake Ontario.

Getting ready this morning took longer than was anticipated, but it has proven to be all worth while. The majority of my day was taken with putting the boats davits back in place. Simple things can take surprising time.

We cut out into the lake and took a brief spin into the Niagara river. In that visit we were fired on by Fort Niagara, but sadly had no charges to spare to fire back.

Now we are crusing at seven knots if I had to guess, Toronto off on the far horizon and Kingston ahead of us. We are told that we will stop in Bath first for a few days before docking at the fort in Kingston. I know nothing of Bath, so hopefully that will be an adventure.

The students continue to exceed my expectations, and I hope they can keep the enthusiasm going.

Looks to be  beautiful night of sailing.

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