Wednesday, July 4, 2012


The fourth of July back in Erie just for the day.

The trip back from Kingston involved more rest than previous trips, which was nice. There was a realization about just how hard we were going to be worked in the canal, and they tried to make up for it.

Kingston itself was complicated, with poblematic planning on the part of the organizers and a severe lack of places to dock. The battle sails went well, however and everyone had a good time with them.

The canal was pretty solidly what we expected, though it went quicker than expected; we got lucky with the traffic. I spent most of my time handling the miship spring, hauling it tight and keeping it tight. My shoulder and back still can feel it.

My shoulder doesn't seem to be getting better, but that may just be a fact of life at this point. Time to heal in october.

We got hit by a couple 45 kt blows on the run from the welland to Erie. Driving rain and some heavy gusts came at us. The second squall hit us within sight of Erie, and pushed us to drop the hook to wait it out. It was frustrating, being that close to shelter, to a sense of home, and being unable to reach it.

The students handled it well, gettings jobs done as they needed to be done. I can never tell in those kinds of situations if I am taking it too seriously, or other people don't tke it seriously enough; probably the former. I'm ok with that.

Today we right her back up and make tracks for Alpena.

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