Saturday, July 21, 2012


So I'm not always great at updating, but it's not always my fault. My kindle seems to be liking blogger less and less as time goes on. Hoping to find a way around that at some point.

So after leaving Erie we made our way up for the north. We ducked into Port Huron  for a couple days to avoid heavy seas and unpleasant weather. It isn't the most exciting town in the world, but over the years I've come to appreciate it. We took a quick stop in Alpena, MI and then off to the SOO locks. After the Welland, the SOO is a casual ride, lifting us all of twenty feet.

Shortly after that we made it into Lake Superior, which is always a beautiful thing. We had some nice sailing on the way to Municing, and the channel into there is truly stunning and beautiful. The giant cliffs and massive woods give the impression of truly untouched wilderness. After passing through into the sheltered harbor, we found ourselves tied up, and I was in a place I had never been.

It was a quaint little town, quiet and pleasant with good food and drink. The following day we found an amazing book store/coffee shop and had a good day.

We said goodye to our High School students, and boarded the batch of college students a  few hours later. The boat was crowded, with fourty eight people on board. Close quarters and crowded.

The run to Marquette was breezier than we expected, and we had to send our apprentices off the boat due to an overbooking situation on the trip that way, so it got pretty exciting. Marquette was a pleasant town and I got to go cliff diving.

The officers have put some effort into making sure we get time to rest on the trip down from superior, which is nice. We docked for the night just after clearing the SOO headed downbound, and then anchored after a battle recreation just outside of Lake huron.

We are in Alpena again, headed back out and south tomorrow, ready for the next adventure.

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