Sunday, March 27, 2011

03/24/2011- Returning to Niagara

So the few of you that read this are probably aware of how bad I am at updating. I'm going to try to do better this time around.

Arrived in Erie around 0900 and quickly got to work. Checked in with the Mate and then headed out to salt the ship and break ice free, as there were student tours coming aboard later in the day and we had to get the boat to a useful condition for that. After the drive I was tired, but keeping active was very helpful in dealing with that. I worked till noon, and then turned to taking care of some last minute preparations. I went into town to get a new rig knife and a foulie hat, and then went down into the shop to put together a new rig, as my old one was poorly made and falling apart.

Met some of the other O.S.s and an AB and had a pleasant time working with them on our gear. It really feels good to be back.

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