Sunday, June 13, 2010


Tonight was a long, cold night. I am somewhat frustrated with my difficulty on the helm. I think I prefer a tiller to a wheel; direct relations. It was a generally uneventful watch, outside of tacking once. We kept our generally easterly course with winds out of the SE. For the first time in a day or so we did see some other boats and even some signs of land. The biolumanecense on the deck was, admittedly more interesting to me than either of those.
The majority of this afternoon's watch was calm. We were motoring NE directly into the wind for the first few hours, but as the winds shifted we put up the three lowers (the main already being up for stabilities sake.) and the JT, FT and MGT. Bosun has explained to me that every time the MGT is set on our watch, he is going to send me aloft to do it until I learn exactly how it's done. I may grumble, but this is what I need. Also, I've lost my cell phone, which is problematic.

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