Sunday, June 13, 2010


Quiet night holding the same starbord tack as we set earlier in the day. At some point the Main Gaff Tops'l was struck, but other than that the conditions haven't changed overly. The guest crew doesn't seem to entirely understand the expectations, but then, they're paying to be here so I suppose it's their call. The winds have been playing between ENe and SE so we've been hovering around East trying to keep it on the quarter with some effort.
We were finally forced to tack in order to keep the wind useful to us. Overcast skies all around and a few sea birds to keep us company. I was sent aloft to loose the MGT which was new for me. I did not make a great showing of myself, but I will not make the same mistakes again. Some rain was crossing out bow as we were preparing to stand down. We had it for about half an hour, hopefully it wont bee to hard on A watch.

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