Sunday, June 13, 2010


Last night's late watch was the definition of uneventful. After the weather and the stowing from earlier, we came to deck surprised to see a perfectly clear sky. The winds were very light out of the NE. There was a bit of traffic, but nothing overly interesting. It was, however, very cold; left over from the front that brought the earlier storm. This just made our bunks that much nicer to get to once stood down.
The afternoon watch had the wind back to the SE b ut so light that it could hardly be counted. Thankfully the swells were also light so we weren't tossed in our inaction. We took advantage of the calm and did some ligtht work on the boat. There is always something to paint or varnish. The winds starting building around 1430 and finally got to be enough to set some extra canvass around 1600; the FT, Jib, and Main.
I suspect our current easterly course is primarily to use up time because if we arrive in NYC early, we'll be forced to anchor. If we can't be productive either way, we might as well make a show of it and keep sailing.
During watch change we found a very large beetle with no earthly way of having gotten there. We have it in a can and are all entertained by it.

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