Sunday, June 13, 2010


The voyage has begun. We've been out of Baltimore since about 1100 yesterday, and after spending the better part of the afternoon introducing the guest crew to the boat, we started north with the four lowers (Jib, Stays'l, Fores'l and Main) and the Fore Top set on a light breeze out of the south east.
At around 2330 C watch was called to deck to strike and stow sails as we motored into the C & D Canal. While motoring along on glassy water we passed the John Brown coming home from Philadelphia and enjoyed a brief conversation.
As A watch came to deck, we again set the four lowers, well into the Delaware river and were stood down. at 0435. A bit of a cold front moved in, which was a blessing below decks and allowed me to sleep nearly seven hours before waking up of my own accord. I came to deck around 1100just in time to see land rolling away in the swells. We have been headed North East and lost sight of Cape May NJ around 1350. The wind has freshened over the day, giving us plenty of white caps to make the view more all we'v e had to look at otherwise was a could building an anvil head to our Northwest and the occasional crab pot. Carpenter dropped a fishing line in tow behind us, but so far, nothing. Some of the guest crew and the cook were overcome with a bit of seasickness and we are beset with flies. It's still a lovely sail. Stood down 1600.

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