Wednesday, August 3, 2011


And again we find ourselves in Put In Bay for a brief visit. The students had a date with Stone Lab to do some trawling and look at things under a microscope so the crew got a bit of time off to relax.
Coming in last might was more than a little excitimg. We motor sailed across the lake and Aplha caught the weather change and pushed through the rain. The actual squall line hit as we were approaching Ballast Island, drenching us fairly deeply. All hands were calld for the docking and both cutters were cut away. Cutter one, per usal, was helping us dock while Cutter two had o row to safety as a second squall rushed in. We rushed to the dock as quickly as we could and got our lines on moments before the second blow. Once we were all secure the crew was stood down and many of us ended up at the playground blowing off a bit of steam.
Now we are at the mouth of the Detroit River Channel and Alpha will be taking back over at 0300 while in the river. By friday we will be in Alpina and then we head for Chicago. Much excitement awaits.

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