Thursday, August 4, 2011


Through the Detroit river and into the St. Claire. Driving upstream is always a challenge and moreso at night. I admit my own vigilence was lacking at a point or two during my turns at helm which is something I will have to put more into. It was a long watch requiring at last one pro crew on helm at all times. It mde for a couple hours. Our AB was on the bridge helping with navigation and I ended up running the deck when I wasn't on helm. It is something I need to get more comfortable with, but the tables were set and the oncoming watch was woken up in time for brakfast and we even got a quick deckwash in.
It has been an inense season and the crew is wearing down some from it. We are losing some hands in Chicago and hopefully some fresh blood in the crew will help our spirit. We could all use it.

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