Friday, September 9, 2011


Another voyage has started, though we have had many challenges already. The entire trip was nearly scrubbed due to new pilotage requirements and a surprise twenty thousand dollar cost to fulfill said requirements. Thankfully we were able to make a deal with Montreal to mitigate some of that cost and got under way with only an eight hour delay. It was an uneventful motorboat ride to our current dock at Port Colborne.
I personally have many reasons to be excited for this voyage. My parents are on board wich is alwas welcome in my mind and I get to see a dear old friend once we arrive; I am glad that it worked out.
So now we wait to leave at 2100 and pass through thelocks on our way to Lake Ontario and points beyond. Our yards are cockbilled and our fenders greased. One more push on our adventure.

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