Sunday, September 11, 2011


And now we have found our way to Kingston Ontario for a bit of maintenence and perhaps a bit of rest. We had a pleasant watch running across the lake last night after a days rest and tonights light dock watch should continue our building up tollerance to exhaustion. I have come to realize that issue has been one of my biggest issues of late and some of the crew have agreed. We are tired to the point that recovery is hard and missing a nights sleep can have a profound effect. We are at the point in the season when the fatigue is setting in and we are all coming to need more than a day off.
Our excitement to go to Montreal is not diminished however and our hope for adventure is high. We may have picked up a new trainee on the dock; we will see if he makes it for our 0700 departure.

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  1. Very well put for the kind of exhaustion that everyone has been under this season.

    I see you guys so soon!