Saturday, September 10, 2011


More mishaps and advenures on the way to Montreal. Our small crew is proving resilliant in the face of long hours and demanding work. We left Port Colborne around 2200 with our pilot on board and headed into the canal, taking the first lock with all hands. The next being a few hours away due to traffic bravo ad charlie were stood down to rest for the coming locks. Just after bravo returned to the deck we started nto the next set with charlies help and passed lock seven and the flight locks in about three and a half hours. During that time we were pushed into walls by ugly currents and had our dock lines dropped on us by people who are clearly used to much taller boats but made it with only minor bumps and scratches.

Credit must be given to charlie watch for basically standing the deck from 0300 till 1300 and taking away the right of anyone else to complain.

Now we are pushing through Lake Ontario and driving for the Saint Lawrence. Four days till Montreal.

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