Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Back towards Ere with a few new faces and a few new challenges. We are trying a new watch routine that seems unclear to most of us and I somehow damaged my kindle so I am writing this on half a screen. I apologize in advance for typos.

We have cleared the first set of locks and are making our way into Lake Ontario with a possible stop at Fort Welland depending on timing. Montreal was lovely as aways but the crew ontinues to be tired. There are several rumors as to what is going to happen at ship yard though most of the crew is hoping for hotel rooms. Somewhere we could rest peacefully and get some quality sleep woud be mice.

I did have another personal realiztion aboutthe degree to which I am avoiding the real world. If however being in he real world requires what I have seen it do to people I love... well... I smile a lot more.

Much love to all.

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