Sunday, April 10, 2011


We sent up another spar today, getting the main t'gallant up and starting to get it dressed. Each step gets her looking a bit more like she should. Today was relatively warm, but windy with a fairly hard rain, which negated the niceness a good deal. I spent a lot of time aloft with some of the other hands, tensioning the topmast stays. I got to stand on the mast cap, straddling the gap to the stays while cranking on the come-alongs in gusts that we estimated around thirty knots. It was certainly a bit exciting, and my hips are a bit sore, as my legs are short and it's a pretty solid gap. The most unnerving moment however, was when after a few hours of constant wind, everything got quiet. The other person up on the cap with me and I looked at each other with a confused and worried look; sudden changes are always a little worrisome, but then the wind came back and our little world made sense again.

It was a good day.

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