Sunday, April 17, 2011


Sixteenth work day since I arrived, and we sent the first yards up. She's got both her t'gallants on, which was really light work on the capstain. It looks as though my week will be a lot of working in the galley and then coming out to walk around to send things up, which is fine with me; I'm pretty good at brute force. I also got to go up aloft and run braces in preparation for the top yards tomorrow, which is good for me. It forced me to really think about how things have to work, making sure that the lines lead where they need to. I'm getting better slowly, actually coming to understand how the ship works, which is good. With a little luck I'll actually get to be worth my weight at some point here.

Till then, however, I'll still march that capstain hard as I can.

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