Sunday, April 10, 2011


Today was mostly spent on important side projects. I was given a handful of volunteers and sent below to clean the bilges. Not the most exciting of jobs, but it is rather important to have the bilges cleaned out before we start stowing all our gear and food below. That took up the morning, but everything got pulled out and then the bilges themselves cleaned.

After all that crawling around in the hold, my team and I were sent over to the giant woodpile to start cutting firewood for the season so we can eat. I have to admit, I find that kind of work very relaxing. It's mentally simple, physically satisfying, and requires enough focus to keep you paying attention. We got twenty six bags of wood stored, with probably another five or ten chopped before the end of the day, so I estimate the four of us did a little over three weeks of firewood in a few hours. I'll call it a good day.

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