Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today we spent a good part of the day on a tour of the entire operation that is the Flagship Niagara League, along with getting my paperwork done so that I can officially work here. The tour took up most of the morning and some of the afternoon as well. We wandered around the various shops, learning where tools were and how they are organized. We went over every detail of a boat check, along with all kinds of other information that probably would be dull to put in here.

As for the paperwork, I'd like to point out once again how annoyed I am at the concept of the "TWIC" card. I had to, once again, get federal and state background checks, and I'd love it if, just once, the twic card actually covered something like that, as I have been background checked by pretty much every agency with initials, you'd think that would be good enough. Oh well.

Other than that, more galley work, along with rearranging the Captain's outer office to make it into the coffee room, due to a lack of space in the shore galley. The plans are all starting to come together.

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