Sunday, April 3, 2011


Actually did boat work today, which was really exciting. Started out prepping spars that we had brought out to the plaza, getting blocks and chafe gear on and whatnot. Shortened the tails on some pieces, which gave me a chance to work on my whippings and seizings, which is always good. We also had sail training for a lot of our volunteers today, and I got to help with the aloft training. It was rather cold and windy up on the fighting top, but the volunteers needed to come up and we needed to be there to help them stay safe; got to make a few friends while I was up there.

Then we started tuning the topmast, so back up the main for me, watching where it was sitting in the mast cap. Every time I went up it got a little colder, and I had to add new layers, but I haven't gotten to go aloft since october, so I was pleased for the chance. I'm glad that I'm finally getting to work on the boat itself, though I understand that the indoor things were important and other people with more experience than me were better suited to the things that have been going on aboard for the past week.

So the yards are almost all ready, the various booms are starting to move out to the plaza... I suspect that things are going to start moving fast soon. I'm exited to see her really be a ship again.

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